Last updated: 07/02/18

Demolition to Co-op end of the site:

As noted in the last newsletter (12.01.18), additional demolition works will be taking place to the Co-op end of the site. During the project, we have found some ground obstructions in the retail units located to the south side of the Kemp House entrance. Ground obstructions have been found, which has resulted in design changes to the scheme. Due to the nature of construction sites, it is not uncommon to find unexpected obstructions and the team has been working hard to find the best solution to move forward.

The obstruction has resulted in the need for additional steelwork. This in turn has meant the removal of an existing section of the floor slab. Once part of the steelwork has been installed, the section of slab will be removed, the steelwork will be completed and the floor slab reinstated.

ICL has installed a temporary works screen to mitigate dust and noise as much as possible. We also have noise, dust and vibration monitors set up on-site. ICL will be using a saw cutting method to remove a section of the slab, followed by a Brokk (demolition machine) with a concrete crusher to remove the concrete. The current working hours will remain during within the Section 61 agreement. These are 8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 8am-1pm on Saturdays. ‘Quiet hours’ take place between 10.30am-11.30am and 1pm-2pm. Works on-site will take place during ‘Quiet hours’, however, no percussive machinery will be used.

ICL will be undertaking immobilisation and preparation works to the Co-op end of the site this week. The demolition activity will start Monday w/c 29 January. The works will take approximately three weeks to complete.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. As mentioned, the team has been working hard to ensure the shortest programme of demolition, while carrying out works in the safest manner.

Steel erection to rear exit of Kemp House:

Following the erection of the temporary roof at the rear exit of Kemp House last week, ICL will start erecting steel to this section of the site on w/c 29 January. Access for residents will not be affected. Access will also be allowed for deliveries and pick-ups, if needed, which will be managed by traffic marshals. ICL will be undertaking works to this area towards the end of next week. These works will include core drilling in the ground, which will not affect residents’ access to Kemp House. Traffic marshals will be in attendance at all times to manage this section of the site as well as dispose of any rubbish residents bring down, to reduce the need to go out of the rear exit. The steel erection works will take approximately one week to complete.

Once the steel has been erected, the scaffolding will be taken down and the concrete floor will be poured. ICL will restrict the rear exit to emergency access only while these works are ongoing. Comm Comm UK will send an update for the date of these works and signage will be put up inside Kemp House.

During these works, it is preferred that Kemp House residents use the front entrance to the building, however, access to the rear of Kemp House is allowed if necessary and will be managed by a traffic marshal.

On Wednesday 7 February, the scaffolding will be taken down and a safe walkway will be erected. On Thursday 8 February, the walkway will be decked and managed by Interserve for access.

Later in the month, concrete will be poured, which will mean access to the rear of Kemp House will be closed and only allowed for emergencies. These works will take one day to complete. Interserve will manage any deliveries for Kemp House residents on this day.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation during these works.

The 90-104 Berwick Street Team