Berwick Street Redevelopment



90-104 Berwick Street Redevelopment 

In June 2014, Westminster City Council approved PMB Holdings proposals for the redevelopment of 90-104 Berwick Street.

The consented scheme will redevelop 90-104 Berwick Street to include a new urban hotel, 16 new homes including four family-sized affordable flats, improved shop units and new roof terraces for existing Kemp House residents.

We are keen to engage with local residents and business throughout the construction process and will be providing regular updates. If you would like to be kept up-to-date, please complete the keep in touch form below.



PMB Holdings, founded and chaired by Peter Beckwith, is a well-known London-based development company with strong credentials in commercial and residential property investment in the UK.

PMB Holdings has redeveloped sites across the UK, including Fenchurch Place in London, the Blade in Reading, Birmingham Eastside, 77-80 Gracechurch Street in London, 56 Uxbridge Road in Ealing and Lenton Lane in Nottingham.

Ed Jones, CEO of PMB Holdings, is leading the redevelopment of 90-104 Berwick Street.



PMB Holdings signed a joint venture agreement with Westminster City Council in late 2012 and gained planning permission in June 2014 to redevelop the site.

The vision for the scheme is to regenerate Berwick Street and Hopkins Street and incorporate uses and architecture to complement Soho’s character.

The scheme will create:

  •   A new urban hotel
  •  12 new homes for market sale
  •  4 family-sized affordable homes
  •  1 new shop on Hopkins Street
  •  12 improved shop units on Berwick Street
  •  Improvement to Berwick Street Market and Hopkins Street
  •  New two-tier roof-top garden for existing Kemp House residents.

The new Soho development will extend out into Hopkins Street and add two new set-back storeys to the current podium building.

The building structure will be retained and the existing retail units on Berwick Street will be given new frontages and refurbished throughout with improved basements. The hotel entrance and one new retail unit will be created at the northern end of Hopkins Street.  

Berwick Street Market will remain and PMB Holding is investing in improvements for the market, including new water and electricity supplies that are being installed for summer 2015.
Local benefits

  •  Regeneration of Hopkins Street
  •  Improvements to Berwick Street Market
  •  Affordable housing in family units provided on site
  •  Good levels of sustainability
  •  Improvements at street level including new lighting and CCTV
  •  Coordinated design approach to the shop fronts on Berwick Street
  •  Replacement of existing and creation of new green roofs
  •  Two-tier roof-top gardens for residents
  •  Improved access from common areas, Kemp House and Hopkins Street
  •  Refurbished entrance and common area of Kemp House
  •  Public art
  •  Improved access to refuse and storage for Kemp House residents.



23 February 2016, Demolition Phase

Southern Demolition Limited has been appointed to progress the next demolition phase of the project. We have agreed a detailed Demolition Management Plan with Westminster City Council, which splits the project into a number of phases. The first phase will involve the removal of the canopy on Berwick Street, which is expected to take three to four weeks. Phase two will see scaffolding erected around the site in order for the façade to be removed, which will take approximately a further 10 weeks. Hoardings and fencing will be erected around the site in preparation for the next phases as follows:

Berwick Street Heras fencing is being installed in preparation for removal of the canopy on Berwick Street. The Heras fencing will move south down Berwick Street to remove the canopy in sections, this is to minimise the impact of the works on the market. Once removed the hoarding line will be brought out along with the art panels currently fixed to the shop fronts. Scaffolding will then be erected behind the hoarding line in order to begin works to remove the façade.

Peter Street and south end of Berwick Street surrounding the Co-op Scaffolding and hoardings will be erected around the Co-op site to remove the façade.

Hopkins Street Hoardings will be installed along Hopkins Street on the line of the railings. Scaffolding will be erected along the rear of the building in order to start works to remove the façade.

At times, the front and rear entrances to Kemp House will move to ensure safe access for residents and visitors. Details of these arrangements will be reviewed and agreed with City West Homes and residents prior to the works. Access to Kemp House will be maintained for residents throughout the redevelopment works.

Works will take place Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. No works will take place on Sundays or on public holidays.

The site is registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme and will operate in accordance with its requirements to ensure that the impact of building works on local communities is minimised. We will be issuing regular newsletter and updates to the local community to inform of you of the works taking place. You can also follow us on Twitter @100berwickst for more updates.

If your query is related directly to the works on site please contact Southern Demolition’s Contracts Manager, Tom Egerton on 07766 026588 or 01932 351738.

28 October 2015, Co-op

As many of you will be aware, the Co-op will be closing on Saturday 7 November 2015. The Co-op has signed a new lease and will be returning once the construction and project is complete. The unit needs to be vacant in order for works to start on site.

The tendering process is nearing completion and we hope to appoint the main contractor in the coming weeks. Once appointed, they will draw together a Construction Management Plan for agreement by Westminster City Council. Our contractor will also be required to sign up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which ensures the impact of building works on local communities is minimised.

The permanent construction hoarding will go up around the site in January when the main contractor is on board. The hoarding will sit outside the line of the building and allow for works to be carried out safely within the hoarded site. We have been working with Soho Parish School over the past few months on artwork designs that will be applied to the construction phase hoarding, along with information about the redevelopment. Access will remain open to Kemp House from both Berwick Street and Hopkins Street.

28 July 2015, Hotel Operator

We are delighted to be able to announce the hotel operator for 90-104 Berwick Street development. ‘Hub by Premier Inn.’

Hub is an exciting new brand focused on great locations, city centre connectivity, technology-enabled rooms and booking systems, and a contemporary guest experience. The first Hub was opened on St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden last year.

PMB Holdings is pleased to have signed the lease with such an exciting new operator. The hotel is a core component of the scheme and Hub will act as a key anchor tenant for the redevelopment. It is owned by Whitbread Group plc, a FTSE 50 UK business, and as such has an incredibly strong financial position and operational reputation. This will enable us to support the overall delivery and long-term operations of the independent shops and all the other aspects and community benefits of the scheme. Whitbread – and Hub – also has an impressive record on jobs, local employment, career development, training and creating opportunities for NEETs and others outside of work to find full-time and rewarding roles.

We are aware that some members within the community may have preferred an independent brand. PMB Holdings spent considerable time talking to many hoteliers, including independent and niche brands. The final decision to choose Hub is based on its financial security and the need to balance this with creating a hotel that is right for Berwick Street and Soho. Hub is a fresh, exciting and successful brand that we believe is a great fit for the area and will contribute to the future success of the overall development and to Berwick Street, its economy and community as a whole. You may remember that the scheme was designed without a large food and beverage area and many of the hoteliers we spoke to will only consider properties that can offer restaurants and bars.  Hub was the only one that successfully balances a small food and beverage offer with a modern brand that is a good fit for Soho. For more information on Hub please visit https://www.hubhotels.co.uk.

A minor material amendment application has been submitted to Westminster City Council to amend the interior layout of the hotel rooms. As Hub’s rooms are more compact than some traditional hotels, we are seeking to add 17 rooms. The application includes an updated Transport Assessment and Energy and Sustainability Report. These show that the increase in rooms has a negligible impact.


Construction Timeline

February 2016 – Hoardings and fencing will be erected around the site

February 2016
– Demolition phase will begin on site

Summer 2016 – Main contractor will start on site


Considerate Constructors Scheme

Our contractor will be required to be part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which ensures that impact of building works on local communities is minimised.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a national initiative set up by the construction industry to improve its image. Construction sites and companies register with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.

The Scheme is concerned about any area of construction activity that might have a direct or indirect impact on the image of the industry as a whole. The main areas of concern fall into three categories: the general public, the workforce and the environment.




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